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This is not a story of a 100-year-old distillery.


We are not using the same recipe as our great, great-grandfather.

​There is no natural spring water, no charcoal mellowing.


We have no fancy master distiller, gourmet chefs, or multimillion-dollar marketing campaigns.

We are passionate disruptors. We are creating brand-new types of alcohol products.  These products are not just reinventing the industry but we are creating products that stand apart.

Born from an unrelenting passion for music, creating and challenging the status quo, we have discovered a way to use music to change the taste of alcohol products using patented technology.  This allows us to connect your favorite songs to your  beverages for a one of a kind taste experience.  

Stand apart, join us, and challenge how liquor should taste.

With decades of experience in the beverage industry, we grew tired of the lack of innovation, challenge and risk taking. With most "flavored" liquors simply being watered down with cheap flavored syrups, we decided the world of alcohol and spirits need disrupting. 

That's why we developed our patented technology that uses music to create brand new taste profiles in the world of alcohol. We're not talking about blasting whiskey with music after it's already been barreled either. We use science and the actual beat of all kinds of music to speed up and slow down the rate at which the fermentation that creates your favorite alcohol takes place. Slow, steady beats can be used to create a sweeter, smooth end product, where faster more aggressive beats can be used to create a stiffer, stronger tasting end result. 

With this patented process, the possibilities are literally endless. We believe in this process so much, that we've put our money where our mouth is. We've created three stand alone brands to illustrate how music alone can create one of a kind flavor profiles. STRUT Whiskey, a smooth sipping whiskey with notes of vanilla and caramel that come straight from the steady beat of Outlaw Country music, Tocar Agave Spirit and Distortion Vodka (more to come on those last two soon). 

While we're incredibly excited about this portfolio, we also have to ability to work with musical artists across the country to create their own individual product using their very own music as the key ingredient. Sound like something you'd be into? Hit us up here. 
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